What is peace and how can we find it for ourselves?

In this episode I’ll discuss what peace really is, and how we can cultivate it in our lives. For this week’s interview, I’m joined by The Happiness Whisperer and leader of the Vibrant Happy Women movement, Dr. Jen Riday, and she shares her secrets for finding and maintaining inner peace. We also discuss why we need to do this work for ourselves and for our loved ones, and how to release the shame we can feel when our kids aren’t meeting societal or family expectations.


- Brene Brown

- Vibrant Happy Women Podcast

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- Anasazi Foundation

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- Jen on getting her teen to Anasazi

- Jen’s update on her teens from July 26, 2018

- VHW podcast Episode 129 “How To Help A Troubled Teen”

- Jen on her experience with Anasazi

- Sedona, AZ

- The definitions of Truism and Truancy (LOL!)

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