Discover the secret to feeling balanced and hear from a teen who gracefully balances school, work, family, and relationships.

This week I discussing feeling balanced through alignment, and busy teen Skylar shares how focus, talking to someone, and keeping priorities in perspective helps her to reduce her stress.


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The what, why and how of meditation.

We hear a lot these days about mental and emotional health, and their link with physical health. We forget to include the importance of addressing spiritual health. Join me as I discuss meditation and spiritual health with my friend and pastor, Hampton Deck. You'll hear each of our methods of meditation, and understand why creating this internal "space" for yourself is so important.



What is peace and how can we find it for ourselves?

In this episode I’ll discuss what peace really is, and how we can cultivate it in our lives. For this week’s interview, I’m joined by The Happiness Whisperer and leader of the Vibrant Happy Women movement, Dr. Jen Riday, and she shares her secrets for finding and maintaining inner peace. We also discuss why we need to do this work for ourselves and for our loved ones, and how to release the shame we can feel when our kids aren’t meeting societal or family expectations.


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- Jen’s update on her teens from July 26, 2018

- VHW podcast Episode 129 “How To Help A Troubled Teen”

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Hear about setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and one teen who’s living as her best self!

In this episode I discuss types of goals, taking the time to set your goals, and how to PLAN for obstacles. I also chat with teen Chloe from Michigan about her experience setting the goal to become a scholar athlete, and blowing it out of the water with an Academic Scholar Athlete award.


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What is Mindfulness and how can we practice it?

In this episode I'll discuss what it means to live mindfully. I'll show you how we can apply mindful living principles to five areas of everyday life with easy, actionable steps.

I'll be joined by Ann Jambor, and she'll share her experiences of living and parenting mindfully.


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