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Designed to help teens and young adults be:



by identifying self and values


by practicing meditation and mindfulness


by finding life balance that prioritizes self-care


by re-wiring internal dialogue

and Fulfilled!

by leading a life of their own design


Identify who you are, your tendency, and personally held values.

Know your flow and learn how habits can contribute to purposeful living.

Raise your vibration, and learn to maintain energy levels that support your lifestyle.

Cultivate the skills required to live positively while exercising emotional self-care.

Evaluate your purpose driven "why", and discover legacy and it's function.

Understand the importance of momentum, and identify your core drivers.

What you get when you enroll:

4 weeks  of personalized one-on-one coaching to help you develop the Self-Expertise necessary to live an awesome life!

real-time availability  via facebook messenger, email, or text.

weekly action steps to create momentum for growth and transformation.

...but first, parents get a 1 hour virtual meet & greet with me!