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I'm Danielle and I founded Be Myself Now after recognizing the huge impact life-coaching can have on teenagers. On my journey through the self-help landscape I realized that I could've greatly benefited from an earlier introduction to the tools and lessons I found. And you know what? Many people I talked with agreed! I know that the awareness and practices required to live an authentic life with purpose can be acquired BEFORE we become adults who feel so lost. I heartily believe humans are capable of authentically living ON PURPOSE and cultivating fulfillment at all ages.

I know what teens want because I want the same things: love, approval, success, and happiness. As I learned to cultivate these things for myself, I couldn't help but look back on my own teens years to find out why these things were missing from my life. I was "fine" back then - I got decent grades, took honors courses, did well on my SATs, won awards, got involved in after-school activities, and even properly jumped through all the hoops to land myself in a prestigious art school for college.

I did ALL. THE. THINGS. and still I couldn't find the love, approval, success, and happiness I desired. I quickly realized none of what I had done was on purpose FOR ME. I did what everyone else had told me to do instead, and that didn't work.

I don't claim to have an expert understanding of teens, I just know and trust that they are capable of understanding themselves.

My passion is connecting with people, and teenagers are a uniquely special piece of our society. Getting to know teens in a way that sheds light on the needs, worries, insights and aspirations of a future generation of leaders and influencers gives me great delight! Often overlooked, underestimated, and dismissed, I want to give teens a space to learn about connecting with their highest selves and supporting their own great ambitions.

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